Should have

I have words in me All that I should have said But now I cannot say I have feelings strong All that I should have showed But now I must suppress I have cries gathering at the throat That you should have heard But now I keep secret I have tears swelling in eyes That […]

Kranji Marshes

I took the opportunity provided by the Chinese New Year holidays in Singapore to visit our newest natural attraction. Most of the marshes are closed off to the public as they are designated as “core conservation sites”. This is actually a good thing. I have always noticed that whenever there are less people there is […]

Cikgu Muhammad

“Ada tak pelarian Melayu di Malaysia ini?” (Are there Malay refugees in Malaysia?) Cikgu Muhammad quizzed us. Of course he knew the answer but that was not the point. He had a story to tell and he wanted us to hear it. You could hear the eagerness in his frail slurred voice as he stood in front of his home, a neat two storey dwelling that stood proudly despite its age just as Cikgu Muhammad stood in his sarong and songkok in front of us.

Eid 2015

I’ve always wondered how do people take pictures of people praying jemaah in the mosque… I mean aren’t they praying too? Today I got my chance as Masjid al-Islah did a second prayer for Eid.

A Wet Friday

Sometimes I get all emo and I pretend that I can do poetry. As the heavens open And blessings descend Men stand shoulder to shoulder Silent Amidst the roar of God’s bounty Man quietly weave in his piece Hands in the air God is great Quiet and deafening And when the heads of Men touches […]

My Barber’s Namecard

Somehow my barber found out that I can make pictures on the computer last year, so he commissioned me to make a card. Apparently, he needed new cards this year as he ran out of those he printed last year. As such, I took the opportunity to play around and design a new one. Decided […]