A 25 year old Political Science graduate from the National University of Singapore with a minor in history. No formal training whatsoever in design or photography but loves to experiment and muddle his way through. Made lots of mistakes, learnt from them and then make new ones so he can learn from them too. Tries to learn from others as well,you know, you don’t really have all the time in the world to make all the mistakes yourself and then learn from them, plus you got better things to do.

He is aware of the rat race around him but recognises that he isn’t a rat. Loves to take his time to notice the little things around him. Is often fascinated by pretty flowers, weird insects and beautiful scenery. Will take his time to look at that little caterpillar along the walk way and take a photo. Does not really mind if people stop and stare, might even try to get them to look. Believes that beauty is every where, only if we stop to look and take notice.

Is often fascinated by current affairs.  That explains why he does Political Science in university only to then then realise that Political Science ain’t about current affairs but still loving it. Gives him a critical eye, always looking out for dependent and independent variables and causal  mechanisms. Can’t figure out if he is a Realist, Neo-Liberal Institutionalist or Constructivist but is starting to think that it doesn’t really matter. Every thing, every person, like every theory can contribute to the bigger picture – so recognize , acknowledge and learn the good from everyone and learn from the bad too.

History is a passion really, he doesn’t know why. It fascinates him but bores everyone around him. Over the years, he has learnt to get those around him just as excited or at least listening. Loves the museum, goes there for fun and exploits his student card very well. He is happy to learn that the museum is now free for Singaporeans and PRs. He is also extremely interested in Muslim history and history of Muslim Southeast Asia. He is glad that he took Dr. Feener’s class at NUS. He tries to get everyone interested with varying results. From his time at NUS, he thinks that Political Science students needs to get a greater appreciation of history. Things don’t happen overnight and an explanation without taking into account the greater historical background and developments just annoys him.

Other than that he has about 10 books on his shelf to read.

Here is his resume  [ Resume Hamzah ]

He has another blog as well, backyardmosque, do check it out.

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