Kranji Marshes

I took the opportunity provided by the Chinese New Year holidays in Singapore to visit our newest natural attraction.

Most of the marshes are closed off to the public as they are designated as “core conservation sites”. This is actually a good thing. I have always noticed that whenever there are less people there is always more nature. Of course, this is not necessarily always the case. People can always learn to respect nature, learn to behave and react appropriately to it.

Hopefully with the opening of these new nature sites people in Singapore can learn to appreciate nature especially when there is so little of it left in Singapore. However, this can only happen if people take their time to look and observe and feel. People need to be fascinated and enchanted by nature to reconnect to their inner natural selves. Only with this can we, perhaps, start to realise the value of what is around us.

If not, these nature parks will just be another place for the weekends. Where people walk heedlessly not noticing.

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