Camera in the Pocket

I have been meaning to put this up for a while. Recently, I have found new found love for my handphone camera. It has allowed me to capture in images things that I see on a daily basis that gives me a sense of wonderment. Nothing too flashy or exciting but beautiful nonetheless, things that we would often overlook and pass by without a second thought. Perhaps, the most exciting thing about having a camera wherever you go is to me not because of the countless selfies but rather the opportunity to capture and store in an image the everyday things that I see – the world through my eyes, as how I see it everyday. No pretense, no fancy locations, just me walking down the streets and then suddenly stopping snapping a picture and walking away with a satisfied smile. Satisfied in knowing that I have seen and noticed something that, while many others found mundane, i found to be interesting and beautiful. The little things that reminds you that life is indeed a blessing. You just got to open your eyes.


I really love pretty views and fluffy clouds. Sometimes the warmest days gives you the most beautiful skies, you’ll just never know. Sunsets are beautiful too even when you can’t actually see the sun. The shadows it creates, the hues in the skies and the rays peeking through Singapore’s high-rise. You just got to look up sometimes.

Looking Down

Once in a while, you got to look down at the ground. Fallen petals, tiles can be the most interesting of things especially in our garden city. They tell us a story of nature around us, deliberate, manicured but at the same time trying to reassert itself pushing the concrete away and littering the ground with petals and leaves.


Need I say more?


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